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Times are changing, and with them, the way of seeing and how to planify a wedding. Millenials weddings in a dream environments, with bohemian and smart styles that rewards comfort and simplicity, but with a lot of style. Here a compilation of several European tendencies for next wedding season:

Simple and minimalist wedding dresses that fit your body. Without many decorations and giving importante to the small details. Our White Marble dress of WHITE GATACHE atelier its made in a double layer of ivory silk stitch, with a big drop that adapts perfectly to your body as a cinema star of the sixties. Its the perfect white bridal dress to feel you unique, special and graceful in the most special day of your life. Another purpose for a similar trend could be our White Mousse and White Biscuit WG dresses.

  • Combine styles. At WHITE GATACHE ATELIER ONLINE, we love to combine and play with clothes and styles. In fact, our collection has the influence of the best creators os the 20s, 50s and 70s. That´s why this new trend seems very adapted to our philosophy. We give you the option to combine differents designs of our website as you wish, in order to create your own WG dress.                              We recomend you to pay attention in our designs composed by 2 pieces, are so cute! A perfect choice of dress that combines styles is our WHITE CHIARA desing. One top in geometric roasted lace with embroidered tull ruffle, making the effect on the sleeve. Strapped with a satin ribbon. And skirt in natural silk crepe and satin lining ivory with bow at knee height that allows two types of volume. You can also find these trend visiting our WHITE NOIX DE COCO and WHITE IVORY.
  • Transparencies and volumes. The reliefs and transparencies  will have great importance in our natural and simply dresses. They will seek to captivate with their details and precie cuts to fit the waist and shoulders, falling in love with their shapes. WHITE SUCRE is made of natural silk, organza, embossed in ivory and gold. It is one of our most glamorous pieces of WG collection 2017. We ship it with a very light can-canoe tull, to get more volume. Look it on detail in our website
  • Superimpose parts. This is the most outstanding trend this year! Superimpose pieces of haute couture, give different values to your dress, adapted to each occasion.                                                            What can you superimpose? Skirts, capes and bodies. WHITE IVORY, its our crown jewell in WG, an example of overlapping dresses, made in two pieces. Both pieces will perfectly define yours silhouette.

    Our White Noir layer is an option of superimposing complements to your bridal style.

Get more information about this year´s trends visiting our website or write us by mail,

Also, you can contact us on WhatsApp +34 688 717 011

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